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Recently finished 18 month Restoration by Studebaker Parts and Service, Long Beach, Ca.
Stunning newly painted sanded and buffed Tiara Gold and Arctic White and beautiful gold and white new upholstery. Engine torn down and no wear noted and it was thoroughly cleaned, new gaskets, adjustments, and reassembled on new motor mounts. Paxton Supercharger disassembled and no wear noted and reassembled. 
Carburetor cleaned and rebuilt. Throttle system reworked. Gas tank sent out for professional cleaning and coating . New fuel pump, gas lines, and filter.
New Pertronix ignition system with new spark plug wires. New alternator and ignition switch. New master cylinder, brake booster, and brake lines.
Brake drums reconditioned, new wheel cylinders, and brake linings. New front shocks and bushings. Rear springs sent out to replace leafs and rebushed. Interior taken out and floor pan insulated with Dynamat.


4 Wire Wheel Rims, 2 Caps for Sale
1960s 15x5.5 stock Chrysler rims, but used on a Studebaker Designer's personal '53 Hard top, which was featured in December 2003 Turning Wheels. Chrome on the Caps is near perfect  The chrome on the rims is not.  However, they looked more than good on the car, which suited me just fine.  New and used Caps are available.  Been in storage 37 years in California.  Pick them up for $380 in Los Angeles. Or we will ship them in 4 boxes (at its exact cost) by your choice of carrier.  Each packaged Rim weighs about 31lbs.   Can be returned, but at your cost, to be fair.  Thanks for your interest.  –Paul     Phone 818 887-7480