Doug King's '53 Commander has returned to Filmore!

On Friday January 19th, after about a year in Steve Hedke's garage, Doug King's '53 Commander Starlight almost went home.

I went to Steve's house to accompany him on the trip to Doug's house. When I arrived at Steve's, he said "we have a problem". Doug's car isn't running right, in fact it is running lousy! It seems that every time Steve thought the car was ready to go, something else happened. This time it just didn't want to run very well. We spent a couple of hours working on the distributor, cleaned the spark plugs, etc. and nothing helped. I left Steve to continue. Just this past weekend (February 4th), Steve emailed me that he had found the problem! After all the ignition work, he had decided to look at the carburetor. Guess what? When he removed the carburetor, he found the bolts that attached it to the manifold as well as the bolts that attach the throttle body to the main body of the carburetor VERY LOOSE!. GIANT vacuum leak. That fit with the way the car ran. Steve cleaned out the carb, tightened ALL of the bolts securely and guess what? IT RUNS GREAT! Steve has done a lot of bodywork (much more than he anticipated when he started the job), painted the car, updated the front brakes to later Studebaker finned drums, and done some minor adjustments on the engine. On Monday February 5th, I drove the Studebaker, following Steve's truck to Doug and Joanne's and it ran great all the way. Now it's time for the King's to DRIVE their Studebaker!