Minutes from the April 27, 2024 LASDC meeting held at Old Susana Café in Simi Valley

Minutes taken by Andrea ‘Enthal due to secretary Bob Anderson being out of town.

Leo Staskiel read the treasury report to the group, including the account balance.

Howard Brown told the group that our June membership meeting would be held one week early to avoid conflicting with the

Studebaker national meet in Dubuque, Iowa. However, owing to June starting on a Saturday, June 22, as listed on the club

website, is the fourth Saturday, which would be our regular meeting date, leaving this minutes-taker confused. It does not

conflict with a national meet on June 25-29, which includes a fifth Saturday for June.

Dexter Cannon won the $10 raffle prize. Everyone who drives a Studebaker to our meet is eligible for a ticket to this raffle.

Vince Mack proposed an excursion to the Ronald Reagan Library to view the current Star Wars exhibit, which mixes artifacts

from the movies, with real weapons of the Reagan era. Admission to that is a discounted $22 a person if a group consists of

25 people or more. Date was left open, to be decided later.

Howard suggested we plan something for the September 7 Drive Your Studebaker Day.

He also reported on our April 21st car show, including the 1931-2007 span of vehicles that were entered. Though the

last true Studebaker was built in 1966, Newman and Altman built the Avanti II after that date, and later cars (on non-

Studebaker chassis) continued to be built with Avanti styling into the 21st century.

A mention was made that the AACA has a Route 66 event planned for 2026, with a suggestion we think about getting

involved with that.

Glenn Morgan invited all members to attend his free Orphan Car Meet at Bob’s Big Boy, Northridge, on June 2.

Highlights from member vehicle reports included

Howard Brown said that Jon Massaro is making good progress with his Avanti, and that Dennis O’Brien is likely moving to

Alabama. He talked about getting studs needed to attach his power steering pump to the cylinder head on his 1958 Packard

Hawk, and continuing his tradition, which is to start up every (running) car in his collection, on his birthday (which had been

about a week before our meeting).

Andy Wiegert said the heads are done for his 1963 Avanti and that he is now up to the hard part on the car: paying for it.

Leo Staskiel said the front end of his GT Hawk is done and now the car is good to drive.

Vince Mack explained why he had brought his 1954 Commander (“Trudy the Studie”) to our car show on the 21st, but had

not brought it to our meeting. Reason was the lack of a California registration.