Minutes of the Los Angeles chapter Studebaker Drivers Club meeting of February 27, 2020.
Meeting began at 7:30 pm in the back room of the Denny’s restaurant on Tampa Avenue south of Nordhoff.
There was no treasurer’s report because treasurer Jim Ober was not present.
Dexter Cannon read the January minutes aloud.
Howard Brown gave the group another installment in the YOM tale involving him and the Sacramento DMV. Seems, after correcting the local branch clerk, who said the plates that were previously on George Colvin’s 1956 Flight Hawk could not be used, another clerk, this time in Sacramento, stopped them from going through again. Their issue is that George’s car was a different year than Howard’s, though both are cars use the same base plate with year stickers. Though Howard put the correct year sticker on the base plate, over George’s year sticker, they somehow can’t correct their computers to understand that the plate and Howard’s car now match.
A discussion of our March 29 car show followed, including who will bring pop ups, and what other tasks members would like to volunteer for. Club members were encouraged to pre-register.
Ric DiOrio ordered new banners to clearly mark which table was registration, and raffles.
Name badges were proposed at $6 a badge.
Doug King’s car (that was previously Bob Thornton’s car) got a new owner. It is going to New York state.
Rich Kimmel’s 1960 Champ is also co-incidentally going to a buyer in New York. (Not the same one).
Dave Carter handed out fliers for a tour of the Mullin museum in Oxnard. That tour is scheduled for 10:15 am on Saturday, March 14.
Rich Kimmel won the $10 raffle prize for having driven a Studebaker to the meeting.
Steve Hedke reported on retrieving his Daytona from the LeMay museum. He and George Colvin were honored guests at the LeMay as part of a “Club Auto” presentation. That event included a catered dinner and a PowerPoint presentation of the Great Race. He brought displays that had accompanied his car while it was on display at the museum, for show and tell.
When it was time to restart his car after its six months of sitting in the LeMay museum, it started right up. The car George and Shirley Colvin donated was also at that dinner, and now sits in the museum collection, in a prominent spot.
Steve Hedke reported that he will be bringing that red Daytona to our Studebaker show with its 2019 Great Race decals. Then he will remove the decals in preparation for its 2020 batch.
George Colvin reported that the LeMay “is a class act.” He said he met their tech guy and that the car he donated is being driven.
Both Steve and George were gifted with jackets from the LeMay, but their jackets are different. George got a heavy, 8 pound leather one. Steve got a vinyl version.
In personal vehicle reports:
George Ng reported replacing gaskets under the carburetor because they had disintegrated with a “snooze I lose” parable.
Rich Kimmel passed around an article from Reminisce magazine featuring him and his car, describing the subscription-only magazine as “old stuff for old guys.”
Dexter Cannon reported on some racoons and brown recluse spiders that seem to be enjoying a car he is keeping under a cover.
Dennis Schult reported that a pick up truck he owns had been damaged during the filming of Ford vs Ferrari.
Mike Hostetler reported that he got a hood release cable for $85 for his GT Hawk and will be taking that car to the May 19 State Street National Show in Santa Barbara.
Howard Brown reported that his 1962 GT Hawk was quieter now that a tin can exhaust repair was replaced. But the car still has an exhaust leak.
Leo Staskiel spoke of an engine noise and joked that the car needed a louder radio to cover that noise up. Whether that noise was piston slap or something else was discussed.
Doug King expressed his appreciation to Howard Brown for helping to get his Studebaker sold.
The group adjourned around 8:30 pm.