Minutes for September 28, 2017 LASDC meeting


Meeting convened @ 7:30

1) Treasurer absent this meeting; no report
2) Discussion of winter meet venue for next year. Between the two front-running locations under consideration, Johnny Carson Park and Bob’s Big Boy,
    consensus interest is tending toward Carson Park because it is a beautiful parkland greensward, spacious and private to our purpose. To be conclusively determined next meeting in October.
3) Pool of cars for sale remains the same.
4) Trailer maintenance effectively finished thanks to combined efforts of several chapter members.
5) Proposal for an “inventory day” of club-owned car parts at Doug KIng’s house.
6) Special guest introduction—Paul McKeehan, former designer with Studebaker Corp, South Bend, Indiana, now retired. Hired in nineteen fifty-nine, he shared reflections on his career in the company design bullpen, insights into the politics of the business culture including attitudes toward design
    development. Project work included GT Hawks, military vehicles and more.Showed photographs of his original work, never-before published or manufactured; speculative visions of the future from the nineteen-sixties. He spoke for nearly one hour and all agreed he possessed too much information
    to share in a single evening.
    Paul promised to return to further reveal his fascinating, privileged view perspective as senior styling design engineer.

As recording secretary I asked him to please consider the question to discuss at his next visit with us,    “What does the Studebaker brand mean?”

Meeting adjourned @ 8:45