Minutes from the October 25, 2018 meeting of the Los Angeles Studebaker Drivers Club, held at the Northridge Denny’s Restaurant on Tampa Avenue south of Nordhoff.

President Howard Brown opened the meeting at exactly 7:30 pm. 
Due to Dennis O’Brien not being present, there was no treasurer’s report.
Dexter Cannon read the previous month’s minutes with his usual improvisations and theatricality.
Howard then introduced Marilyn Balduff, who is the widow of Bill Balduff, a past president of this chapter. At the end of the meeting she made a presentation relating to some business from 15 years ago. At that time our club voted to sponsor a 1924 Studebaker EK Big Six sedan, which was part of the National Automobile Museum’s Harrah Collection, in Reno, Nevada. The club sponsored it at the rate of $100 a year for 15 years. Now that those fifteen years were up, she asked if the current members of the club would like to continue the sponsorship. A vote was taken and the club agreed that $100 a year would continue to be donated to the National Automobile Museum for sponsorship of that Studebaker.  
Discussion of the Palm Springs Southwest Zone Meet included a count of 10 chapter cars in attendance and many more members. Howard reported that the swap space had worked well for its $15 cost, and some of the leftover club parts will be listed on Studebaker swap. (
In total there were 63 cars on the show field at the Zone Meet, and 103 nights of hotel reservations.
George Colvin passed around a clip board with an RSVP sign up sheet for those planning on attending our December 8 holiday party at the club house associated with his condo in Santa Clarita. 
The group then participated in individual car reports.
Steve Hedke reported that his 1949 Champion was sitting comfortably, awaiting restoration, which he hopes to start in 2019.
He was also working on replacing his 1964 Daytona’s brakes. That was thwarted by a parts problem. “When you buy a part, it should fit” he exclaimed. But it didn’t, despite that it was the same Turner kit part he had purchased from Bouquet Auto Parts previously. A future investigation will be needed to answer why.
Jim Ober brought a show and tell banner and member pins that were sent to him by our friends in the New South Wales Australia chapter. They also have grille badges.
He reported that his 1956 Golden Hawk has an appointment for Halloween day at Bob’s Frame and Alignment in Simi Valley. He also reported on attending a Thousand Oaks Street Fair where a woman asked if she could purchase the Studebaker he was displaying at that event. He answered that he “would put her on the list” of people to offer it to, should he ever wish to sell it, adding an aside, to the laughter of club members, that she is the first person on this imaginary list.
He also griped about attempting to lubricate the front universal joint on his Avanti. Seems the frame cross member is in the way of getting to the lubrication point, requiring one to drop the drive shaft to access it. He plans to have a transmission shop do the lubrication for him.
Howard Brown reported that the trip to Palm Springs was only the second long trip Dennis O’Brien’s Lark had made. It did not overheat, and its gas gauge worked accurately–repairs that had been recently made to the car. Dennis enjoyed it with its top down during the whole weekend event.
 Rich Kimmel reported that he was pleased to have won a first place award at Palm Springs and commented that his Studebaker  had a vibration when it drove.
Bob Anderson reported that new R3 exhaust manifolds are now on his 1962 Hawk. And he has been working on diagnosing a hard starting problem when that car is hot. With a fuel pressure meter he determined it was a carburetor flooding problem. It had 8 pounds of pressure which increased to11 pounds at idle. So he will be getting it a new fuel pressure regulator.
Dexter Cannon went to Sylmar to pay rent for the storage of his second Hawk, which is at Joe Crabill’s yard. He discovered that its car cover had blown off during recent winds. He located the cover, replaced it on the Hawk, and weighted it down with loose rubber tires that were near his car.
Rod and Elaine Byrd got a carburetor for their 1957 Golden Hawk.
Anna Marco reported on a Hesperia glass shop that does both flat and curved glass replacement, and gave an update on the  replacement of a bed frame that was previously welded to her Studebaker, to serve as a suspension. It will be replaced with parts from a Mustang.
She also brought show and tell magazines including her Lady Luck Studebaker report on the repair and restoration of that car, which is in the issue dated January 2019.
Howard Brown then told about the expanding automotive population at his house. Less than a year ago he poured a new concrete slab in his back yard, and now that is full. A new-to-him 1962 GT Hawk has moved in. Seems the previous owner did not have a place to store it, and so, had to get rid of it. Said car has power steering, factory air, and though it is “a little raggedy” with frozen brakes, a bad exhaust leak, and a steering wheel that was decorative, but not functional, it runs. 
Plans are for Howard to bring payment to the owner on October 26, to get its pink slip, then start fixing the car.
The official meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm as those members who wished to stay, shifted places while a movie screen and video projector were set up to show pictures from the Palm Springs Zone Meet to the group.