·              Minutes for August 24, 2017                                                                                            

Meeting convened @7:30

1) Doug King reports current treasury @ $7,403

2) More discussion of Winter meet venues. Johnny Carson park in Burbank is current front-runner.

3) ’50 Champion for sale—$2350.

4) Club trailer maintenance—volunteers solicited.

5) Andrea’s printer broke down

6) Newsletter contributions requested

7) Fillmore and Simi continue their car cruise-ins.

8) Studebaker swap website is alive and well.

9) Car update reports

10) Howard poured his  backyard concrete.

11) Rich K. recommends applying Loc-tite to the lower control arm bolts to the cross-member. Studebaker has propensity to loosen. (and crack)

12) New members—Mike and Linda Hostetler of Sherman Oaks . 1963 GT Hawk.

13) George Colvin reported a car exhibition event in Newhall for Thursday nights.
       Burbank car event November 18th, chili cook-off, drinks.

14) Girl wants to ride to her wedding reception in Jim Gardner’s bullet-nose

Meeting adjourned @ 8:15