Minutes from the Los Angeles chapter of SDC meeting on January 25, 2018


Meeting convened @ 7:30.

1) Howard reports a large number of membership dues payments received (forty-five), an unusual event attributed to snail mail mail outs.

2) Rodney Byrd underwent successful rotator cuff surgery.

3) Fire extinguishers were discussed. Types, sizes, features, accessories, longevity, benefits, faults and prices. And anecdotes of perilous calamity

4) Prospective new member attended, Pamela Glavis who owns a ’74 Avanti.

5) “Classic Studebaker Car Show” is the new name for the former “Winter Meet”.  Task list was distributed for upcoming March 25th event.
Preparations for the event are under way. Registration flyers, T-shirts, Dash Plaques.

6) A 1929 Studebaker Commander, complete, disassembled is available through Doug King.

7) Pacific Southwest Zone meet in late October will meet in Palm Springs sponsored by Los Angeles, San Diego and Beach Cities chapters. Frank Wenzel, regional coordinator for CA, SDC, will contribute efforts to find venue, hotels and other logistics. Frank already has secured from Palm Springs a donation of five thousand dollars.

8) Inventory of club-owned parts at Doug’s ranch was completed.

9) Member’s Car restoration reports.

Meeting adjourned @ 8:30



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