Minutes from the Los Angeles chapter of  SDC meeting on September 27th, 2018



Minutes of the Thursday, September 27, 2018,  Los Angeles Studebaker Drivers Club meeting
at the Northridge Denny’s restaurant
--President Howard Brown opened the meeting at 7:30 pm
--There was no treasurer’s report because Dennis O’Brien had eye surgery recently, and was not yet able to drive.
–Fred Marvin was introduced as a member of the national SDC and future member of our chapter. He is looking for a bullet nose Starlight Coupe resto-mod, having previously owned a 1950 Starlight Coupe.
–Discussion of the Zone Meet included information that Howard Brown had recently gotten some parts donated to the club by the son of a recently deceased Studebaker owner. Rather than bring his car to Palm Springs, he would be bringing his truck with much of the club’s Studebaker parts stash. The group authorized Howard to spend club money on a swap space, and Howard indicated that any member of our chapter was welcome to sell their own Studebaker parts or related material, in the club space too. Only requirement was to clearly mark the price, and leave written instructions on their lowest acceptable haggle price, if they would not be present the whole time their part was being offered for sale.
Scheduled activities including a visit to Frank Wenzel’s museum-like home, dinner on top of a mountain, and the need to make sure you brought a jacket or sweater for the chilly nights, were also discussed.
 –The need for a space to hold our end of the year holiday party was another topic of discussion. George Colvin volunteered to look into a community space affiliated with where he lives in Santa Clarita. A target date of either December 1 or 8 was requested.
–Secretary Dexter Cannon did not print up the minutes to read, so had to find them on our web site using his cell phone. This delayed his reading of those minutes until after other business had been covered. As usual, he delivered them with a heaping helping of his cheerfully flamboyant personality, and extra commentary. His most humorous gaffe involved a mention of a pair of Paul McKeehan’s prototype fenders, and the possibility that they could be donated to the Studebaker Museum. Not understanding how these fenders differed from production fenders, Dexter chimed in that he had seven extra fenders that he could donate to the museum too, prompting laughter from the group. (By way of explanation, the minutes are written by the newsletter editor, not written by Dexter). After having the prototype nature of McKeehan’s fenders explained to him, Dexter offered to bring his seven spare fenders to the Zone Meet instead.
–A discussion of adventures at the Tacoma Washington International Meet included a mention of our Howard Brown getting to meet Howard Brownstein (a cousin of Howard’s wife’s best friend), who drove his '56 Flight Hawk to the meet from British Columbia Canada, and that we had about a dozen of our members and 5 Studebaker cars in attendance. 
–Our Drive Your Studebaker Day activities were reviewed. Special commendation went out to everybody who took part in the 1 pm group drive portion of the event because nobody got lost during it this year.
–Howard once again expressed how much value he saw in the Studebaker Swap web site (https://www.studebakerswap.com/swap/swap.php), citing a 6 blade fan that was requested and then located within hours of the same day.
The SDC Studebaker Forum has also now started a section for selling/requesting cars and parts (

The usual round up of individual members and what they had done with, or were doing with their cars ended the meeting.
--Bill Longbottom reported on progress in getting the wiring hooked up for his 1953 Commander.
–Jim Ober compared changing an old style cork gasket in his Commander, to a contemporary metal one, calling that a dream that job, versus changing a head gasket in a modern Land Rover. He detailed his seemingly Satan-sent frustrations with the job he had to do on the modern vehicle after the Studebaker.
–Dexter Cannon reported working on his fiberglass dash assembly while his 1962 GT Hawk is in the shop for paint.
–Howard finished working on Marc Udoff’s Avanti and can report it has no more power steering leak. He also replaced the starter on his own Studebaker, which went bad the morning of Drive Your Studebaker Day, preventing him from bringing that car the three miles from his home, to the event.
Anna Marco shared cell phone pictures of a bed frame her mechanic showed her, that had been welded to her 1955 Studebaker in place of shock absorbers and rear springs. Andrea shared the name of Oregon Auto Springs, 920 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97214, as a place Anna could get custom-made vintage car replacement springs. They had built and installed springs for Andrea’s Edsel in 2009, and she was very happy with both the springs and the company. Anna Marco also showed pictures from a magazine she is affiliated with, of the car’s dashboard being worked on.
--Andrea ‘Enthal reported that Ric DiOrio’s Tacoma pictures were so good that she was using several of them as reference to draw new Studebaker images for both the newsletter and the fabric she designs.
–Rich Kimmel reported a vibration problem with his 1954 Champion that is causing him to look for a drive shaft. A place in Monrovia was suggested by members of the group.
–Howard Brown reported on Dennis O’Brien’s 1960 Lark convertible. He drove it to the meeting after learning how to change seals in its power steering pump. He explained how instructions in a rebuild kit provided by Richard Marks helped him figure out that device, and not lose any parts in the process.
He also mentioned a humorous case of previous mis-wiring on that car which caused the oil pressure light to blink when the turn signal was engaged.  
–John Michelson’s 1963 Avanti has a noise that should not be in its lower engine. It is in a shop to be diagnosed. He also reported on a frustrating time getting rear window gasket rubber from Studebaker International for that car. 
–Vladimir Paniouchkine reported that he brought his blue Studebaker pickup truck to the meeting for show and tell and invited everyone to come see it in the parking lot, which many members of the group did when the meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.