Minutes of the August 22, 2019 Los Angeles Chapter Studebaker Drivers Club meeting, held at the Tampa Avenue Denny’s Restaurant in Northridge CA.
Meeting started at 7:28 pm with 23 members and one guest. Among the rarely seen members in attendance this month was Lofty Robertson, whose home is in a suburb of Sydney Australia.
Jim Ober’s treasurer’s report included the new tires purchased for the club trailer.
Dexter Cannon read the July minutes.
Steve Keowen, one of our newer members, spoke about his 1950 Packard. It has the Ultramatic transmission option, does run and drive, but “needs work.”
Lofty proposed a sister club program in which a US resident physically pays the dues for an Australian resident to be a member of the US club while that Australian resident physically pays the dues for the US resident to be a member of the Australian club. This is because exchange and banking fees make the price of paying international dues prohibitive.
Lofty also spoke of the way historic car registration works in New South Wales, Australia. One pays the state a fee and gets a log book good for 60 days (or whatever time the owner pays for). If pulled over by an officer, you show your logged destination to him. Otherwise the driver would be subject to a ticket. He described this as part of your insurance purchase to allow old cars legally on the road. Undefined is the meaning of “insurance” under NSW law, since he explained that it did not cover liability. Australians still carry liability insurance on all their cars.
Ellen Carpenter, a 30 year chapter member, described her Canadian-built 1963 Grand Turismo Hawk. It was purchased new from Frost and French and has front disc brakes, rebuilt power steering, automatic transmission, and a sound engine. She needs to sell it because she no longer has a garage to keep it in. Asking price is $22,000. 
Andrea ‘Enthal and Steve Hedke talked about their participation in the Concours d’Lemons car show held the previous Saturday, in the Monterey Bay area. Details of their adventures can be read about in the August 2019 issue of our newsletter.
Howard Brown and Lofty reported on a visit to Bill Oliver, a long time member of ours who is now aged 88. They visited his formerly busy Long Beach, CA shop and found 3 remaining vehicles and lots of empty space and parts. Howard bought a speedometer cable while there. He reported on a 1960 or 1961 Lark convertible still there, that needs a new home, and the animosity between Bill and his former employee Tommy Myers. Howard made clear that he intended to take no sides in the dispute between the two former friends.
Marc Udoff won the $10 raffle prize for driving a Studebaker to the meeting and promptly donated his winnings to the club.
Jim Ober brought a Bendix brake booster check valve for show and tell. In his presentation he explained how Studebaker International carried them for $75 each. He found another vendor in CT which sells the same part for 66 Olds Tornados, and 62-65 Cadillacs, at $28.50 each. They reportedly have 350 of them in stock.
In member vehicle reports  Lofty spoke of a 1964 Avanti getting 3rd place in a race called Targa, which was held in Tasmania.
Steve Hedke reported that he intends to swap a 1951 front clip onto the 1949 Studebaker that he took to Concours d’Lemons, though that car will probably stay in its current resting condition for some time.
George and Bonnie Ng reported giving rides to giggling children in their 1960 Hawk.
Jim Ober reported taking his 1956 Hawk to the Burbank Classic car show and to Wings over Camarillo. Because it was not idling correctly, its carburetor has been sent to Pacific Carburetor for rebuilding.
Jim also reported that he aspires to replace the manual transmission in his Wagonaire with an automatic transmission.
Rich Kimmel reported on plans to drive his 1954 Champion to Sacramento, though it is now in an alignment shop because of “very sloppy old stuff on it.”
Dexter Cannon reported that his second 1962 GT Hawk, previously stored in Joe Crabill’s yard, is now at his house. He described it as a hulk on wheels and added “but I love it.”
Howard Brown noted that his 1962 GT Hawk leaks oil and needs A/C hoses replaced. He further described it as one of his better driving cars.
After the vehicle reports, a free for all discussion included a suggestion to visit the Automobile Driving Museum, and an idea that we go to the Lions Dragstrip museum in Compton.
No date has yet been set for a club visit to Heritage Square.
After the meeting the group gathered in the parking lot and looked over the Studebakers there. A rather large crowd was attracted to Ellen Carpenter’s car.