Minutes from the Los Angeles chapter of  SDC meeting on March 22, 2018


Meeting convened @ 7:30 PM

1) Treasurer’s report—Dennis O’Brien: $2572.86.
2) Studebaker shop owner Bill Oliver is selling his business and/or parts inventory. Further enquiries will be made.
3) Classic Auto show at Convention Center earlier this month (2nd-4th) featured five club cars and 5 Avanti Club cars. Much discussion - anecdotes.
4) Palm Springs Zone Meet planning continues. Don Cox reports Frank Wenzel is proceeding apace with event details.
5) Dan Scott has a 1964 GT Hawk for sale.
6) Howard proposes efforts to produce technical tips on mechanical issues and Andrea suggests installing a Studebaker engine in Rich Mark’s MG.
7) Paul Mc Keehan, formerly of Studebaker design/development, is "on his way back" for another discussional talk on the Old Days in South Bend.
8 )Car reports.

9) Meeting adjourned @ 8:15.





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